Dear Awesome Person,

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with me, I would love to have you on the team! As a volunteer, you will be exposed to the real world of local, and state politics. Together we can impact our environment, improve our community, and represent the students of this district. Join up to gain experience, improve your resume, and do your part to make our schools even better!  

Thanks again for your interest!

- Kian

P.S. When you move on from your work with us, don't forget to ask for a letter of recommendation or a reference, we'll hook you up!

The larger goal:

Available Positions


General Purpose Volunteer

Working on the day to day projects and odd jobs necessary to best represent the students of the district! Renaissance people, sign up below!

Sign Me Up!

Office Assistant

Helping with scheduling, emails, phone calls, and vital office operations.

Main Requirement: Be another smiling positive person around the office, with a passion for public service. 


Communications Director / Public Information Officer (PIO)

Looking for a creative and eloquent writer with passion for public relations and community outreach. The PIO will help manage social media, lead the push for better student engagement, handle press inquires, and oversee the distribution of the Trustee Report newsletter. 


Volunteer Coordinator / Chief of Staff (CoS)

Looking for a thoughtful leader to help oversee the operations of our amazing staff of volunteers. The CoS will function as "right hand person" to the trustee and will work behind the scenes to mitigate problems, mediate disputes, and serve as a trusted advisor. 

Previous volunteer experience with us recommended.